See you at Devoxx with Android and Maven

My proposal for a Devoxx talk about the powerful Maven Android Plugin, developed by Jayway, has been accepted. Quoting the abstract:

Android has got its own "official" build tools, provided by Google. They are good for a quickstart, but what happens when you engage with a larger application? What about your software factory practices, such as Continuous Integration, static analysis, test coverage? A possible solution is to use Maven: just set up your Android project like any other Java project you manage with Maven. The maven-android-plugin provides whatever you need for creating and testing Android apps - and you'll be able to use your favourite IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEA).

The talk will quickly introduce some Maven concepts, then move on to describe the maven-android-plugin. Some practical examples about how to build a complex, modular Android app will be given, based on the experience of the author with an open source application, completely managed with a state-of-the-art software factory featuring Hudson, Cobertura, automatic release and so on.

The talk will be also based on my experience with the project blueBill Mobile.

So, see you in Antwerp, on November 17th, at 14:00.